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VEXcode VR allows you to code a virtual robot using a block based coding environment.

Intro to VEXcode VR

VEXcode VR provides substantial resources to support teaching Computer Science (CS).

The following article will provide links to other articles to help you get started teaching with VEXcode VR:

  • Getting Started
  • VEXcode VR
  • Tutorials on VEXcode VR Features
  • Using Activities
  • Sharing Projects
  • Teacher Portal

Getting Started

getting started

To begin with VEXcode VR, the software must first be launched. The following articles will provide information for getting started and launching VEXcode VR:

For more information on the VR Robot and the Playgrounds, view the following articles:

Tutorials on VEXcode VR Features

VEXcode VR

The following articles provide information that will allow you to become more proficient in using VEXcode VR, by explaining certain key features of the software:

Using Activities


VEXcode VR provides a library of activities that can easily be implemented within a lesson or as a stand alone activity. For more information on how to use VEXCode VR Activities, view the following articles.

Sharing Projects

Sharing Projects

Once a project is created or edited, it can then be shared. Sharing projects is helpful when submitting assignments or sharing examples with a group of students. See the following articles on how to Save, Share, and Load VEXcode VR projects:

Teacher Portal

Teacher Portal

The Teacher Portal contains resources to provide educators with the tools they need to teach with VEXcode VR. View the following article for detailed information on the VEXcode VR Teacher Portal.