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Here are some basic ways to manage notes in projects:   

  • Adding a note to a project
  • Moving notes around
  • Deleting notes
  • Duplicating notes

Adding a Note to a Project

Right-click or long-press anywhere in the programming area and select Add Note.

Add Note

Then, type any text, numbers, or symbols into the note.

Type text, numbers, symbols

  • Press the “Enter” or “Return” key to write a multi-line note.
  • Click anywhere in the programming area when the note is complete.

Moving Notes Around

You can move a note on a block by selecting the top margin and dragging it around. 

Move note

You can move a note in a project anywhere by dragging it around.

Dragging Note

Deleting Notes

You can delete any note by selecting the “X” located at the top right of the note.

Delete Note

Note: Deleting a block that has a note attached to it will also delete the note.

Duplicating Notes

You can duplicate a project note by right-clicking or long-pressing on it and selecting Duplicate.

Duplicate Note