The Playground Timer feature in VEXcode VR can be used in many different scenarios. It displays the run time for a project on any Playground, which can be used as a measure of code efficiency in student iteration of coding activities. It can also be used as a measure of project success in VEXcode VR Competitions in the Classroom.

How to Use the Playground Timer


The Playground Timer in VEXcode VR can be found in the lower left corner of the Playground window.


The Playground Timer in the Playground window of VEXcode VR begins when the ‘Start’ arrow is selected.


Or, the ‘Start’ icon is selected in the Toolbar.


The Playground Timer will continue to run until the ‘Stop’ button is selected.


Or, the [Stop project] block is used in the project.


Or, the ‘Stop’ icon is selected in the Toolbar.

How to Reset the Playground Timer


Once the project has been stopped, the Playground Timer will reset with the rest of the Playground. Select the ‘Reset’ button to reset the Playground.

Note: the Playground Timer cannot be reset while a project is running.


Once the ‘Reset’ button has been selected, the Playground Timer and Playground will reset, and the timer will go back to 00:00:0.

Uses for the Playground Timer


The Playground Timer can offer a measure of code efficiency for students. By watching the Playground Timer to see how long it takes the VR Robot to run a project, students can have a way to measure if iterations of their code are having the desired effect.

The Playground Timer can also be used to add an element of competition to VEXcode VR Activities.

For more information about classroom competitions, see the article, Implementing VEXcode VR Competitions in the Classroom.

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