Identifying Location Details in VEXcode VR

The Location Sensor on the VR Robot reports the (X, Y) position of the VR Robot to the VEXcode VR Dashboard.

The following article will cover:

How to Identify the (X, Y) Coordinates on a Playground

Grid Map with Axis

Each Playground ranges from -1000mm to 1000mm for the X and Y positions. The starting location of the VR Robot depends on the Playground selected.

How to Identify the (X, Y) Coordinates of the VR Robot’s Current Location

VR Robot pen_callout

The location of the VR Robot is determined by the center turning point. This is also the location of the pen on the VR Robot.

Dashboard location for X and Y

The X and Y coordinates of the VR Robot on the Playground can be found in the VEXcode VR Dashboard.

How to Identify the Location Angle of the VR Robot

Dashboard location angle.png

The location angle of the VR Robot can be found In the VEXcode VR Dashboard.

Top-down view of the VEXcode VR robot

The location angle ranges from 0 degrees to 359.9 degrees following a compass heading style.