Using the AI Vision Sensor with VEX V5

The AI Vision Sensor is one of the most powerful sensors for the VEXcode V5 and EXP. With the new technology, this sensor can now detect colors from a farther distance than the Optical Sensor.

In future updates, the AI Vision Sensor will even be able to differentiate between objects and read AprilTags.

What are AprilTags?

AprilTags are the simple block patterns that can be found on things like VEX’s Disks or Cubes.




Each AprilTag possesses a unique identifier associated with a specific number. This allows the AI Vision Sensor to report back what tag is being identified and a decision can be made on what to do with that object based on the VEXcode project.


How Does the AI Vision Sensor Work?

The AI Vision Sensor works by taking in light and turning it into electrical signals. These signals are processed internally and then turned into output signals that can be used by the V5 or EXP Brain.

This sensor can be trained to identify colors from various sources, including solid-colored three-dimensional (3D) objects and printed two-dimensional (2D) images. Additionally, it has the capability to learn and recognize combinations of colors.

AI Vision Sensor - 2D.png

AI Vision Sensor - 3D.png

For optimal performance, it's essential to maintain consistent lighting conditions when using the AI Vision Sensor throughout your project.

Common Uses of the AI Vision Sensor

The AI Vision Brain can be coded to do many things such as:

  • Spot colors from a distance to recognize them, helpful for identifying objects or materials.
  • Approach objects without needing to use multiple sensors, such as the Distance Sensor, Optical Sensor, and Vision Sensor for better navigation.
  • Align with objects autonomously for precise positioning, which is useful for tasks like robotic arm movements.

Getting Started with the AI Vision Sensor

To ensure precise and effective alignment with the AI Vision Sensor, it's crucial to position the sensor at the center of the robot, free from any obstruction caused by the robot's body. It's essential to provide an unobstructed path in front of the sensor to enable clear visibility and accurate recognition of colors and color patterns.




After your AI Vision Sensor has been placed on your robot, you must configure it. Follow the steps below to finish setting up your AI Vision Sensor:

  1. Connect your AI Vision Sensor to VEXcode in
  2. Configure the AI Vision Sensor's Color Signatures in VEXcode V5
  3. Configure the AI Vision Sensor's Color Codes in VEXcode V5
  4. Learn the Basics of Using the AI Vision Sensor with VEXcode V5 Blocks

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