Connect the AI Vision Sensor to App-based VEXcode V5

To utilize your AI Vision Sensor in VEXcode projects, the initial step is to establish a successful connection between the sensor and VEXcode. This requires:

  • An AI Vision Sensor.
  • A V5 Brain.
  • A computer with either App-based or Web-based VEXcode V5.
  • A smart cable.
  • A USB-C cable.

With these items in hand, proceed below to see the steps for connecting your AI Vision Sensor to VEXcode V5.

1. Connect the AI Vision Sensor to the V5 Brain with a Smart Cable.

2. Connect the AI Vision Sensor to your computer with a USB-C cable

3. Open VEXcode V5 and open the Devices menu.

4. Select Add a Device.

5. Select AI Vision.

6. Select the Smart Cable port that the sensor is connected to.

7. Select Configure.

8. The AI Vision Sensor’s video screen will show what the sensor is seeing.

This may take a few seconds to update.

If it does not update, check your cable connections to the sensor and computer.

9. Below the AI Vision Sensor’s screen is information about the AI Vision Sensor’s firmware.

10. If the button says New Update Available, that means you need to update the firmware. Follow this article to learn about Updating the AI Vision Sensor's Firmware.

11. If it says Firmware is Up to Date then your AI Vision Sensor has the most current firmware and is ready to go!

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