Get your students started playing Planet HEXBUG quickly and easily. This article provides four easy steps with links to articles that will have your students learning Computer Science (CS) by playing Planet HEXBUG in no time.


Step 1. Share the Backstory:


Read the Planet HEXBUG backstory, "Through the Portal" with your students to help them discover how the VR HEXBUG nano ended up on Planet HEXBUG and the challenges it must face in order to survive!

Step 2. Learn about your VR Nano's Features:


The VR nano has many features that students can use to code their VR nano to survive the rigors of Planet HEXBUG, including built in AI technology. The following articles will describe the VR nano's attributes in detail.

Step 3. Get Prepared to Play the Game:


Your VR nano must be prepared to navigate the varied terrain and dangerous obstacles of Planet HEXBUG. The Location Details in Planet HEXBUG article will prepare you well for these tests of your VR nano's endurance. Additionally, these articles will help you launch the Planet HEXBUG Playground and learn to use all of the information located in the Playground Window to help you plan your strategy to code your VR nano survive the longest!

Step 4: Learn to Play Planet HEXBUG by using Example Projects:


Example projects are provided for each element of Planet HEXBUG gameplay. Students can learn to play each part of the game by starting with example projects and then remixing them to make them their own. Read the Using Example Projects with Planet HEXBUG article for everything you need to know to support your students' learning with example projects.

Finally, review the following articles for additional details that will support students' use of the Planet HEXBUG example projects. You and your students will be ready to code, play and iterate to survive Planet HEXBUG!

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus