As the VR HEXBUG nano travels in Planet HEXBUG, it will move through different zones, coming into contact with a variety of obstacles, and enemies. Understanding the layout of Planet HEXBUG can help you plan your strategy and survive the longest.


Planet HEXBUG Environment

The goal of Planet HEXBUG is to survive as long as possible in the environment. This requires the VR nano to travel throughout the environment to find food and protect itself by fighting enemies. The VR nano will travel throughout the bounded area shown on the map.


The area within the dotted border on the map is where the VR nano can travel on Planet HEXBUG.
Each grid square measures 500 mm, as shown on the Map Key in the top right corner.

Home is labeled in the bottom left corner, and the central point is identified with the (0,0) coordinates.

See below for more information on the (X,Y) coordinates on the map.


Planet HEXBUG is broken up into zones, and each zone has a different dynamic with regard to the amount of food that is available, and the types of enemies that the VR nano will encounter. 

Zone A

  • Enemies: VR HEXBUG nano Zombies
  • Batteries do not respawn

Zone B

  • Enemies: VR nano Zombies
  • Batteries do not respawn

Zone C

  • Enemies: VR nano Zombies, and orange VR HEXBUG Scorpions
  • Batteries respawn

Zone D

  • Enemies: VR nano Zombies, and red VR Scorpions
  • Batteries respawn more frequently

Zone E

  • Enemies: VR nano Zombies, and purple VR Scorpions
  • Batteries respawn with the most frequency

See this article to learn about the different enemies on Planet HEXBUG.

Identifying the (X,Y) Coordinates on the Map

The VR nano’s built-in location sensor reports its location on the map as (X,Y) coordinates, and can be used to code the robot move to specific locations in Planet HEXBUG using coordinates.


The area in which the VR nano can move ranges from approximately -6000mm to 6000mm for the X positions, and -3000mm to 3000mm for the Y positions.

The center location, or the origin (0,0), is near the river in Zone A, and Home is located at (-6000, -3000)

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