Connecting and Powering the Jetson for VEX AI

Before the Jetson can be powered on and used, all devices used with the Jetson first need to be connected. The parts of the AI System contain enough hardware for two V5 Robots. However, this article will cover how to connect one Jetson.

Connection Outline

image (13).png

The following is a diagram outlining how all parts of the VEX AI System connect. Use this diagram to connect all parts of the AI System to the Jetson.

View the Parts of the AI System article for a more detailed explanation of each part.

Connecting Tips


Install the VEX AI Micro SD Card, Intel WI-FI Module, and WI-FI Antennas first.


The order of the USB slots in the Jetson do not matter. For example, the GPS Camera does not need to occupy the top left slot. Any of the four slots can be used in any order.

Ensure the correct cable is being used when connecting certain devices. For example, the GPS and Intel RealSense Cameras require specific cables.

Ensure the jumper labeled DC_EN on the Jetson is installed near the barrel connector.

Attach the Fan


To prevent overheating, the fan needs to be attached to the Jetson Nano Module.


Note: if you are using the suggested 3D print case for the Jetson, the fan does not need to be attached using screws, as there is a slot that the fan will sit in on the Jetson 3D case print.


If you are not using the suggested 3D print case for the Jetson, obtain the four screws needed to attach the fan. Place the fan on top of the Jetson Nano Module. Ensure the orientation is correct. The wires of the fan should face the front of the Jetson near the USB ports.


Locate on the Jetson where the fan will be attached.


Attach the fan to the Jetson.

Insert the SD Card

The SD card included with the VEX AI Bundle should be placed in each Jetson.


Locate the SD card slot on the underside of the Jetson module.


Insert the provided SD card into the SD card slot on the Jetson module.

Powering the Jetson

The power to the Jetson comes from the V5 Brain that is attached to the V5 Battery. To power the Jetson and all devices connected to it, turn on the V5 Brain. Ensure both the V5 Brain and the V5 Battery are on.


The VEX 3-Wire Connector to Barrel Plug Cable will transfer the power from the V5 Brain to the Jetson.


Ensure the key of the 3-Wire cable is fully seated in the V5 Brain.


To turn the Jetson off, simply turn off the V5 Brain.

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