The following list contains the parts of the AI System and an explanation of their purpose. There are enough parts in the AI System for two V5 Robots.


  • 2x V5 Robot Radios: for communication with other robots as well as connecting to VEX Link to view the Dashboard.

  • 2x NVIDIA Jetson Nano: used to operate the cameras and AI software.

  • 2x Micro SD Card with VEX AI Software: to be placed inside of the Jetson to ensure the AI hardware works with the AI software.

  • 2x Cable for Jetson Nano to V5 Brain: to connect the Jetson to the V5 Brain.

  • 2x VEX 3-Wire Connector to Barrel Plug Cable: to power the Jetson via the V5 Brain.

  • 2x USB Dongle Software License Keys: the AI System will not work without the key inserted.

  • 6x USB A to Micro Cables 18-inch: to connect the V5 Brain to the Jetson. Note that only one cable will be used per V5 Robot. The remaining 4 cables will be replacements if needed.

  • 2x Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi for Jetson Nano: to connect the WI-FI Antennas to the Jetson.

  • 4x Wi-Fi Antennas: to be connected on the Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi for Jetson Nano.

  • 2x Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano: to ensure the Jetson does not overheat.

  • 2x Intel D435 RealSense Depth Camera: to read the color and distance of objects on the field.

  • 2x FLIR Firefly Camera with Microlens installed: to read the VRC Field Position Code Strips in order to determine the orientation of the robot on the field.

  • 2x FLIR Cable: to connect the FLIR Camera to the Jetson.

  • 1x VRC Field Position Code Strip for the VEX Field: strips of non-repeating barcode that are attached to the field in order for the robot to determine its orientation.

  • 1x Opaque plastic field wall coverings: used to reduce glare on the side panels of the field.

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