Creating Classes in the VEXcode VR Licensing System

The VEXcode VR Licensing System enables you to create and manage classes in VEXcode VR Enhanced or Premium. Each class that is created will have a unique Class Code, as well as the option to set up project sharing preferences. This article will explain how to view and create classes in the VEXcode VR Licensing System.  

Note: You will need to activate your VEXcode VR license key in order to use the VEXcode VR Licensing System. If you have not yet activated your license key, see this article to learn how to do so. If you have not yet purchased your license, it can be purchased at this link.

View Your Classes


Navigate to and log in.


Select 'Classes' from the menu on the left side of the screen.


You will automatically have one class already created, with a Class Code.

To learn about sharing and using this Class Code with your students, see this article.

To learn about setting up sharing preferences for a class, see this article.

Renaming a Class


To rename your class, select the pencil icon, as shown here.


Enter your desired class name in the 'Edit Classroom' window.


Select 'Save changes' to save your class name.


Your class will now display the new name.

Creating an Additional Class


You can add additional classes in the VEXcode VR Licensing System. Select 'Create Class' as shown here.


Enter your desired name for the class in the 'Create Classroom' window.

Note: For information on setting up sharing preferences and changing the delivery method, see this article.


Select 'Save changes' to save your new class.


The new class will now appear. 

Note: For information on sharing class codes with your students, see this article.

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