Driving Disco, the 2022-23 VRC Hero Bot

To get started driving with the 2022-23 VRC Hero Bot, Disco, you will need to use a provided code for use with the Controller. The default drive program on the V5 Brain is not compatible with Disco.


Downloading the Controlling Disco Project

This code is provided in the Competition Template so you are prepared to use the robot at your next VRC event. To use this code on Disco, select your coding method of choice (Blocks, Python, or C++) and download the VEXcode project from the link below.


Note: These links will take you to a Google Drive file. Check that the name of the file in the top left corner matches the project you want to download (.v5blocks, .v5python, .v5cpp), then select the Download button in the middle of the screen.

Using the Controlling Disco Project


Open the Coding Disco VEXcode V5 project. For more information on how to open a project from your device, select the articles that match your project. 


Ensure your Controller is paired with the V5 Brain, then download and run the project. For more information on how to download and run a project, select the article that matches your project.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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