Wirelessly Pairing the V5 Controller with the V5 Brain

Step 1: Gather the required components

  • You will need the following items to complete this process:
    • V5 Robot Brain connected to a charged V5 Robot Battery
    • V5 Controller
    • V5 Robot Radio
    • 2 Smart Cables

Step 2: Connect the Controller to the V5 Robot Brain using a Smart Cable

  • Connect a Smart Cable to one of the Smart Ports on the rear of the V5 Controller and to any Smart Port on the V5 Robot Brain. 
  • Power on the brain.
  • The controller should automatically turn on when the brain is powered on and they are connected via a Smart Cable.

Step 3: Check the V5 Controller and V5 Robot Brain synchronization

  • Wait for the devices to indicate they are connected.
  • The image above shows a typical indication of the lack of connection.

Step 4: Connect the V5 Robot Radio

  • Next, connect the V5 Robot Radio to the V5 Robot Brain. 
  • The radio is necessary for a wireless connection. The radio can also be connected to any Smart Port.

Step 5: Verify a wired link

  • When the V5 Robot Brain and V5 Controller are connected with a V5 Smart Cable, they will show wired connection indicator icons.

Step 6: Set the Radio mode

  • Navigate to the Settings menu to change the Radio setting. 
  • Set the radio to VEXnet by tapping on the Radio setting.

NOTE: If the Radio mode is already set to VEXnet, skip Step 7. 

Step 7: Accept the alert

  • Press OK when this warning appears when changing the Radio setting. 

NOTE: Although the warning is about Bluetooth, it also applies to the VEXnet setting.

Step 8: Verify the wireless connection

  • Disconnect the Smart Cable connecting the controller and brain to see the symbols indicating the wireless connection. 
  • Use the controller to communicate with the brain wirelessly.

NOTE: When the wireless connection is successful, the Radio will blink red.