Using the Remote Control in VEXcode GO

VEXcode GO gives you the ability to drive the VEX GO Code Base robot directly from your device using a virtual remote control.


The following article will cover:

  • Access the Drive tab in VEXcode GO
  • Drive Mode
  • The Drive Interface

Note: Drive Mode is not available on iPads running iOS 12.

Access the Drive tab in VEXcode GO

To access the Drive tab in VEXcode GO, first ensure the VEX GO Brain is connected to your device. For more information on connecting the Brain to your device, view the connection article from the Knowledge Base that matches your device.


Next, select the Drive tab. VEXcode GO will switch from coding mode to the driving mode.


Drive Mode

Once in Drive mode, you can drive your VEX GO Code Base using the joysticks at the bottom of the screen.


You can change the type of joystick control for your robot by switching the Drive Mode to one of four different options:

  • Tank Drive
  • Left Arcade
  • Right Arcade
  • Split Arcade


The Drive Interface

Once in Drive Mode, you can also remotely control the Electromagnet and LED Bumper using the buttons in the middle of the screen.


A timer is also provided in the Drive interface to track your fastest runs.


Finally, you can also use the sensor monitor to view data being sent to your device from the VEX GO robot.