Using the Context Menu in VEXcode GO

Long-pressing in VEXcode GO leads to many options.

The following article will cover:

The Context Menu in the Workspace

Long-pressing in the Workspace in VEXcode GO leads to the following options:

  • Undo: will reverse the most recent action.

For example, in the following project, the [Turn for] block was deleted. Selecting 'Undo' reverses that action.

  • Redo: will reverse the 'Undo.'

In the last example, the [Turn for] block was deleted and the 'Undo' reversed that action. Selecting 'Redo' will reverse the 'Undo' so that the [Turn for] block is deleted.

Clean up Blocks: organizes the blocks so that they are all in a vertical line.

Add Note: notes can be added to the Workspace.

Delete Blocks: all of the blocks in the Workspace can be deleted at once.

The Context Menu of Block(s)

Long-pressing on a block in VEXcode GO leads to the following options:

Duplicate Blocks: this action will make an exact copy of the blocks selected.


Delete Blocks: individual or groups of blocks can be deleted.