Getting Started with VEX V5


The following article will provide links to other articles that will help you get started with VEX V5. These articles will guide you through the process of selecting the right VEX V5 Kit for your needs, and guide you through the process of downloading and running a project with VEXcode V5.

There are different VEX V5 Kits for competition and the classroom. Read this article to see which kit suits your needs.

The following article will prepare you to use your VEX V5 Kits successfully. You will be guided through the entire process from the start (charging and connecting the battery) to downloading and running a project on your V5 Robot. You will also be guided through the process of installing VEXcode V5 on your device. VEXcode V5 is the coding platform for programming the VEX V5 Robot. Follow the steps in this article to download VEXcode V5 on your device, prepare the VEX V5 Robot, then download and run a project.