Using Blocks for Controller Buttons / Joysticks in VEXcode V5

VEXcode V5 can access all of the data from the V5 Controller by referencing the buttons and axes by their described names. 

Position and Names of Buttons and Joysticks

View the following image describing the position of the Buttons and Joysticks as well as their proper names:

Buttons return values of:

  • 1 - Pressed
  • 0 - Not Pressed / Released

The Joystick Axis return values of -100 to +100 when centered at zero.

Blocks that include Controller Buttons and Joysticks

When programming in VEXcode V5, understanding the Button and Joystick names as well as their position on the Controller helps determine which block should be used. The Controller will first need to be configured before blocks including the Controller will be visible. Click here for more information about blocks:

Additional Controller Articles

For more information about using the Controller, view the following articles:

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