Guide to the VEX IQ Brain Screen (2nd gen)

There are many things that you can do and learn by navigating the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain screen. This article will walk you through each of the icons on the Brain screen and what they are used for, so that you can make use of the features on the Brain in your setting. 

Navigating the Brain Screen


Press the Check button to power on the Brain. 


Once the Brain is powered on, the indicator light will show green, and the Home Screen will appear, as shown here. 

The buttons on the Brain are used to navigate the Brain screen.

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As you toggle to an option, its icon will have a black surround, and the name of the option will show on the bottom of the screen. In this image, the 'Drive' program is selected.

Options on the Home Screen



Select the 'Drive' option to open the built-in Driver Control Program on the Brain. 


From the Drive menu, you can now run the Driver Control Program or access the settings within it, like Driver Configuration.

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Select the 'Programs' option to access programs that are downloaded to the Brain. 


From the Programs menu, you can now access projects that are downloaded to the Brain or toggle to an open project slot.

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Select the 'Devices' option to access information about the devices that are currently connected to the Brain, like motors and sensors. 


From the Devices menu, you can now toggle to different connected devices to see what information they are reporting in real time.

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Select the 'Settings' option to open the various Brain settings. Continue reading to learn about each of the options within the Settings menu.

Options in the Settings Menu



The default language on the Brain screen is English. Use the Check button to toggle to different language options. When you have reached your desired language option, use the Right button to select it and move out of the Language selector. 



Select 'Link' to begin the process of wirelessly pairing your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Controller to your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain.

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Select 'Calibrate' to calibrate the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Controller that is connected to your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain. Calibrating the Controller ensures that the Brain is receiving accurate positions of the joysticks, and can be useful if you notice that the joysticks on the Controller are not moving the robot accurately.

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System Info


Select 'System Info' to view information about your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain.


Here you can view identifying information about your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain, including the firmware version, Name, Team, and Brain ID number. 



Select 'Log' to view the Event Log of your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain. The Event Log can be used during troubleshooting to offer diagnostic information.


The Event Log can includes information like project execution, download, or stop actions, as well as hardware events such as a device being disconnected from a port. Each Event is listed with a timestamp of the amount of time that has elapsed since the Brain has been powered on. The Event Log shows most recent events first, and you can toggle to the left to view older events in the log. 

Delete All


Select 'Delete All' to delete all programs that are currently downloaded to the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain. 


You will then be prompted to confirm whether to delete all programs. Select the Check button to confirm and delete programs, or the X button to cancel and keep all programs downloaded on the Brain.

Factory Reset


Select 'Factory Reset' to reset the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain to its original factory settings. All information, like language selections or downloaded programs, will be deleted and the Brain will be restored to its factory settings.

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