Using Custom Workcell Configurations

VEXcode V5 allows for the custom configuration of the Arm in the Devices menu for use with the V5 Brain. This is done for a multitude of reasons, which includes the allowance of further customization with your Workcell, such as moving your Arm without having to recreate cables and switch ports. The purpose of this article is to guide you through performing this operation in VEXcode.

Note: be sure to view the Example Projects and Past Projects section at the end of this article as it contains vital information when changing configurations with your Workcell.

Configuring the Arm


First, ensure that your version of VEXcode V5 is 2.4.0 or later. To update a downloaded version of VEXcode, upon opening the application when a new version is available, you will be prompted to update to the most current version. The web application found at is always up to date with the most recent version. 

Select here to download the latest version of VEXcode V5.


Open VEXcode V5 and select the 'Devices' menu.


Select 'Add a device' and select 'Arm' if it is not already added.

For more information on adding, renaming, and deleting an 'Arm,' view this article from the VEX Library.


Once you have selected 'Arm', the screen to the left will appear.

Using Standard Config


Selecting 'Standard Config' will use the same port configurations used in the Workcell STEM Labs (Smart Ports 1-4 and Three Wire Ports A-D). You are not able to change these port configurations in this Config. If you wish to use this selection, select 'Done', else select 'Change Configuration' and see next step.

Using Custom Config


Selecting 'Custom Config' will prompt the screen to the left. You are now able to change which port each Joint will use. 


In the image on the left, port 1 was selected and the 'Select a port' menu appears. You are able to select any numbered ports not currently in use as determined by the devices menu.


Selecting a port from this menu will assign it to the selection you have made (note how Joint 1 is now using Smart Port 5). The same process is done to change which port is used by the Three Wires.


Repeat the Custom Config steps to complete your configuration, with whatever ports you want. After your selections have been made, select 'Done' to add your Arm into VEXcode. Note that you are able to go back and change any ports if needed.

Example Projects and Past Projects


It is vital to know that when downloading Example Projects or opening Past Projects, the 'Standard Config' is the default.


If you would like to change the configuration from the default 'Standard Config' you can do so using the steps above.

It is important to keep in mind that the Robot Configuration in VEXcode V5 must match the physical build of the Workcell, or the code will not run properly.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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