Configuring the VEX V5 Workcell in VEXcode V5

User programs need to be able to interact with the inputs and outputs of a robotic workcell. This is done by configuring the devices within an application. VEXcode V5 uses the Robot Configuration to configure the VEX V5 Workcell devices within a project.

When starting to code the V5 Workcell with VEXcode V5, blocks from the ‘Arm’ category will not appear in the Toolbox until the ‘ARM’ device has been added to the Robot Configuration.


Adding the ‘ARM’ device

To add the ‘ARM’ device to the Robot Configuration, see the following steps:


Launch VEXcode V5.


Select the Robot Configuration button to open the Devices window.


Select ‘Add a device.’


Select ‘ARM.’


The ‘Arm Configuration’ will appear. You will be able to select 'Standard Configuration' or a "Custom Configuration'.


If you select 'Standard Configuration' this will be your Arm Configuration.


If you select 'Custom Configuration' you will be able to assign Ports for your Arm Configuration.


Select ‘Done.’


Collapse the Devices window by selecting the arrow.


You will now see blocks from the ‘Arm’ category in the Toolbox.

Renaming the ‘ARM’ device


You can rename the device by changing the name in the text box at the top of the ‘Arm Configuration’ screen. The new name must adhere to the naming protocol. If you select an invalid name, the text box will highlight red to indicate. Once the device is renamed, select ‘Done’ to submit the device changes to the configuration.


If you change the name of the device that is already being used in your project, you will need to update the device's name in the block to the new name using the drop down.

Deleting the ‘ARM’ device


Once a device has been added to the Robot Configuration, it can be deleted. First, select the device you wish to delete in the Devices window.


Then, select the ‘Delete’ option at the bottom of the ‘Arm Configuration’ screen.

Note: If you delete a device that is already being used in your project, your project will generate an error if you try to download it until you also delete the blocks that were using the deleted device.

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