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Entry Points to VEX and the REC Foundation

A wealth of engineering resources and content is available to you through VEX and REC, and is collected here for easy access. We will add more information to this article and the resources continually.

Now more than ever, we see how quickly the world can change. As society and technology rapidly evolve, we need to fill “the jobs of tomorrow.” With how quickly technology is advancing, some of these jobs do not even exist yet. These jobs will solve complex and interdisciplinary problems.

The field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is used to solve these complex problems using one of the core elements of STEM: engineering. Engineering is not a new field and has been around for a long time. We can see elements of engineering dating back to the Egyptian eras with intricate pyramid designs and up to now by viewing majestic buildings and even in our own everyday devices like phones.

Engineering, which is the application of science and mathematics to solve problems, has many different facets. These include but are not limited to: chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, agricultural, biomedical, and software. However, at the core of each of these types of engineering is the ability to critically think, iterate, think outside the box, and ultimately, solve problems.

Robotics is the perfect organizer to give you an engaging way to explore and experiment with abstract engineering concepts through tangible materials. Robotics brings ideas to life in visible ways, gives you the tools to solve problems that you see around you, and opens a door to the world of engineering in fun, collaborative, and extraordinary ways.

Lauren Harter - Director of Instructional Technology, VEX Robotics

Interviews With Students About Engineering

Watch and learn as teams and students describe how they approach different aspects of VEX Robotics.

Caution Tape team 839Z describes their robot design process >

Eastwood Robotics team 8787X discuss their robot and engineering design process >

How FHCS Robotics made decisions about lift and drivetrain design >

How Highlander Battalion Robotics iterated from a Clawbot to their Worlds robot >

How JTMS Robotics used engineering to meet their competition goals >

How team 99500D changed their robot design based on their code >

How the Eastwood Robotics Team made intake conveyor decisions >

How the Fighting JV Farmers made decisions about drivetrain design >

The Highlanders discuss engineering and robot design >

The Owlbots discuss their robot’s design >

The Robogremlins describe their robot design process >

Igneous Robotics on engineerings >

Hero Robots

Each year VEX provides teams with a starting point to play the current VEX IQ (VIQC) and VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) games. These designs allow experienced teams to quickly assemble a robot to investigate the game's dynamics, and help new teams learn valuable building skills by creating a robot they can customize to compete with early in the season.

VIQC Hero Bot Snapshot (2022-2023)

Watch the engineer explain Snapshot

Read the article

Build the Hero Bot

Snapshor Hero Bot

VRC Hero Bot Disco (2022-2023)

Watch the engineer explain Disco

Read the article

Build the Hero Bot

Disco Hero Bot

Tip: has build instructions for a variety of robots including current and past Hero robots.

Engineering Design Process

Engineering Design Process

The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers follow when they are trying to solve a problem and design a solution for something; it is a methodical approach to problem solving.

Mechanical Knowledge

V5 Claw

The VEX Library has many articles about building VEX robots, including information on motors, drivetrains, mechanisms, structure, competition robots, pneumatics, and safety. 

Electronics Usage

V5 and IQ Brains

The VEX Library has many articles about using VEX electronics, including information on brains, controllers, sensors, and batteries.

Coding Your Robot

Blocks and C++ code

There are many ways to learn coding with VEX. This article will provide links and resources to everything you need.

Learn more at

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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