Using the Playground Window in Art Canvas+


The Playground Window in Art Canvas+ has many additional features on top of the current VR Playground Window Features.

The Expand Button


The Expand button expands and collapses the other buttons for the Art Canvas+ Playground.

The Upload Button


The Upload button is used to upload custom .png and .jpg image files that are less than 1 megabyte.


A window will open to select your image file. Note this image shows the window opened on a mac, this may look different depending on your device.


The image file will then open on the canvas.

The Download Canvas Button


The Download Canvas button will download the image drawn on the canvas as a .png without the VR Robot or any of the other Playground buttons.


Here is an example of the downloaded canvas image from the Playground above.

The Download Playground Button


The Download Playground button will download the entire Playground Window image as a .png image file. This includes:

  • The image drawn on the canvas
  • The current position of the VR Robot
  • The timer of the project being run
  • The Dashboard information
  • All of the Playground Window buttons


Here is an example of the downloaded Playground image from the Playground above.

The Clear Button


The Clear button will clear the canvas of any current uploaded images.


The Clear button will also clear any colored areas that were on the uploaded image.

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