Using the Playground Window in VEXcode VR

Playground drop down select

VEXcode VR provides five different virtual Playgrounds as programming environments for the VR Robot.

The following article will cover:

Understanding the Activities Button

Playground Window_Activities

The VR Robot is accompanied by several activities available for teachers and students. Click the “Activities” button on the top right corner of the Playground window.

This will open your web browser to

Read the Using Activities - VEXcode VR article to learn more about how to use these activities. 

Understanding the Playground Drop Down

Grid_map callout

At the center of the Playground window is a drop-down menu for the user to select one of the five Playgrounds.

Playground drop down zoom

Users have the option between: 

  • Grid Map
  • Art Canvas
  • Disk Maze
  • Wall Maze
  • Number Grid Map

How to Close the Playground Window

Playground Window close

Selecting “Close” will close the Playground window and stop the current project from running.

How to Hide/Show the Playground Window

Playground Window Hide

Select the “Hide” button to collapse the Playground window. This will still keep the gold toolbar at the top of the Playground window visible.

To view the full Playground again, select the “Show” button.

How to Expand/Shrink the Playground Window

Playground Window Expand

The Playground window begins at a smaller size by default. If you want to expand the Playground window, select the “Expand” button at the top left corner. 

Playground Window shrink

To shrink the Playground window back to the original size, select the “Shrink” button on the top left corner.