Using the Classroom App to Troubleshoot your Coder

Using Device Info for Troubleshooting your Coder

It can be helpful to understand what Coder cards the Coder is actually reading, so that you can better understand how and why your robot's behaviors are occurring in a project. Within the Classroom App, the Device Info section can be used to see the Coder cards that are in a Coder, as well as any card errors. You can use that information to help you better understand your robot's functionality, and have an additional troubleshooting tool to use if something is not working as expected.


To view a Coder's device info, first select the Coder you wish to view, then select 'Show Device Info'.

Viewing Coder cards


With the Device Info open, the Coder cards that are currently inserted in the Coder will show in the project slots. 

Update Coder cards


When the Coder project has changed, select 'Update Cards' to view the updated project. 

Coder card errors


If a Coder slot is empty and does not have a Coder card in it, it will show as a blank space in the project slots. An empty slot in a project could cause the project not to run as intended. 


If a Coder card is not inserted properly (upside down, backwards, bent, etc.) the Device Info will show 'Card Read Error'. Remove the Coder card, and reinsert it correctly. 


If a Coder card is damaged, it may read as a different command altogether. 

Viewing the Coder cards in the Device info can be useful to validate that the Coder cards in a project are all being read correctly.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 2.59.26 PM_0.png

This can also be helpful when working with students to troubleshoot a project not working as intended. Be sure that students understand the Coder cards they are using and how they should be used. The image here shows an example of a project using the "If red", "Else", and "End if" Coder cards together to detect an object and determine what behavior should be performed based on the color of that object.

To learn more about how Coder cards like the "If", "Else", and "End if" Coder cards work, see this article. This example is also explained in detail in the Background Information of the Little Red Robot STEM Lab Unit.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 12.50.38 PM.jpeg

If the project students have created is not working as intended after verifying that the project logically makes sense, check the device info provided by the 123 Robot in the VEX Classroom App. Follow the steps in this article to learn more about troubleshooting the 123 Robot with the VEX Classroom App.

Hide Device Info


To close the Device Info, select 'Hide Device Info'.

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