Pairing a Controller (1st gen) to Brain (2nd gen) - IQ

Pairing an IQ Brain (1st gen) to an IQ Controller (2nd gen)? See this article.

VEX IQ allows for cross compatibility when it comes to pairing the IQ Brain (2nd gen) to the IQ Controller (1st gen). Read on to learn the steps for pairing the IQ Brain (2nd gen) to the IQ Controller (1st gen).



Turn on the Brain


Go to the right and select settings


Go to the right and select Link


A picture will appear on screen showing the buttons to press on the Controller


On the Controller:

  • Hold down the L up and L down buttons
  • Press the middle power button twice, while still holding down the L buttons
  • The LED on the Controller will turn from green to red

Note, the 1st gen controller will not pair with the 2nd gen brain unless the VEX IQ (1st gen) Controller has a blue Smart Radio installed. For more information on installing and removing a VEX IQ (1st gen) Controller Radio, view this article from the VEX Library.


After a few seconds, the Controller should automatically connect to the Brain

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