Using the Rover Rescue Playground Window in VEXcode VR

The Rover Rescue Playground window has several useful features that enhance game play and strategy. 

For information on how to use the VEXcode VR Playground window features that are common to all VEXcode VR Playgrounds, see this article.

Understanding the Battery Level Indicator


The battery level indicator shows the VR Rover's current energy level.

The battery level indicator's color will drain as the percentage of energy decreases, and fill as the VR Rover's energy increases. To gain energy, the VR Rover must use a mineral sample or neutralize an enemy. 

If the battery drains and the percentage reaches zero, the game is over.

Understanding the Strength Data Box


To the right of the battery level indicator, there is a box displaying the VR Rover's strength levels.

  • Absorb indicates the percentage of radiation absorbed when an enemy is neutralized
  • Capacity indicates how many minerals the VR Rover can carry at one time

Absorb and Capacity will increase as the VR Rover levels up.

Understanding the Game Level Box


The Game Level Box displays your progress towards the next level in the game. The colored progress bar will expand to the right as the VR Rover gains experience points (XP) and gets closer to the next level. 




Additional information contained in the Game Level Box includes:

  • The VR Rover's current level
  • The ratio of the current number of XP to the number of XP needed to reach the next level
  • The number of days the VR Rover has survived so far

Viewing Game Statistics and Generating a Certificate


When the game is over, the option to view game statistics and to generate a certificate will appear.


Selecting the "View Statistics" button will display a comprehensive description of the VR Rover's statistics for that game including the total XP collected, number of enemies neutralized, and more.


Selecting "Get Certificate" will take players to a website where they can generate a printable certificate showing their progress.


Students can enter their names and select "Generate Certificate" to create personalized certificates. The Leaderboard can also be accessed from this page by selecting "View Leaderboard".

Opening the Map and AI Visualization


The map and AI Visualization buttons are located on the lower right corner of the window. The map button allows a player to toggle between three options: the mini-map, the Rover Rescue map, and hiding the map altogether.


The AI Visualization on the field of play can be turned on and off by selecting the button on the lower right corner.  For more information about the VR Rover's built-in AI technology, see this article.

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