Collecting Minerals in Rover Rescue

The goal of Rover Rescue is to survive as long as possible. In order to survive in its alien environment, the VR Rover has to find and collect minerals in addition to neutralizing enemies in its path.

Why Collect Minerals in Rover Rescue?

As the VR Rover travels in Rover Rescue, its power drains and the robot requires minerals and absorbed enemy radiation to restore that power. The VR Rover uses built-in AI technology to detect minerals; when found, the VR Rover can either use the mineral immediately to boost its battery power, carry it, or deliver it back to base through the Rover Rescue environment.


Using a mineral recharges the battery in the VR Rover, and restores its battery life to 100% immediately.

Collecting a mineral sample and taking it back to the base will give the VR Rover experience points (XP). XP is used to increase the VR Rover’s strength, enhancing its ability to neutralize enemies and carry more mineral samples.

For information on using XP to level up your VR Rover, see this article.

Sensing, Collecting, and Using Minerals

The VR Rover uses built-in AI technology to locate and move towards minerals. The robot can detect minerals in a 360 degree radius. See this article for more information on the AI features of the VR Rover.

Once minerals are detected, the VR Rover can be coded to travel toward the minerals. When the robot reaches and collects the mineral sample it can either use the mineral sample immediately, pick it up to carry it, or take the mineral sample back to the base.

Example projects can be used as a starting point for your code. See this article for more information on accessing and using example projects in VEXcode VR.

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