Neutralizing Enemies in Rover Rescue

As the VR Rover navigates the alien terrain, it will encounter Alien Spiders and Alien Serpents that have been made aggressive by exposure to high radiation levels. The VR Rover will need to detect enemies and either move away from them or neutralize them to protect itself and gain strength to level up.


What are Enemies and Why Absorb Radiation?

The goal of Rover Rescue is to survive as long as possible. This requires the VR Rover to travel throughout the alien planet to collect minerals, and protect itself by neutralizing enemies. Irradiated enemies are ever present and can be neutralized in order to gain power and survive for longer periods of time.


As the VR Rover travels farther from base, the enemies become stronger and the VR Rover must gain enough Experience Points (XP) to level up and neutralize them.

The map on the left shows where the different enemies live. See the stats below to learn more about the different enemy types.


Leveling up increases the VR Rover’s strength, increasing the percentage of radiation it can absorb with each hit and its ability to carry more mineral samples. One way to gain XP is by neutralizing irradiated enemies.

For information on using XP to level up your VR Rover, see this article.

Rover Rescue Enemies

This section introduces the enemies that the VR Rover will encounter in Rover Rescue, with a breakdown of the amount of XP that will be gained when they are neutralized.


Name: Alien Spider
XP Gained when Neutralized: 5


Name: Alien Serpent
Color: Orange
XP Gained when Neutralized: 10


Name: Alien Serpent
Color: Blue
XP Gained when Neutralized: 10


Name: Alien Serpent
Color: Purple
XP Gained when Neutralized: 15

Detecting and Responding to Enemies

The VR Rover uses built-in AI technology to detect enemies and can be coded to move away from enemies or neutralize them, depending on its level and battery life. See this article for more information on the AI Sensor features of the VR Rover.

Example projects can be used as a starting point for your code. See this article for more information on accessing and using example projects in VEXcode VR.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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