Wirelessly Downloading a Project to the IQ (2nd gen) Brain via the IQ (2nd gen) Controller

You can wirelessly download VEXcode IQ projects from a computer to your IQ (2nd generation) Brain with your VEX IQ (2nd generation) Controller and a USB cable. To do this, you will need a USB cable to connect your (2nd generation) Controller to your device. 

Note: This process will only work with a Mac, Windows, or Chromebook device running app-based VEXcode IQ. This process will not work with web-based VEXcode IQ.

Connect your VEX IQ (2nd gen) Controller to the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Brain


To begin, your Controller and Brain must be paired.
Follow the steps in this article to wirelessly pair your (2nd generation) Controller to the (2nd generation) Brain.

Be sure that both the Controller and Brain are powered on throughout this process.

Connect your USB cable


Connect the USB cable to both your Mac, Windows, or Chromebook device and your IQ (2nd generation) Controller.



Once connected, both the Brain and Controller icons in the VEXcode IQ Toolbar will show green. 



If the Controller icon in the VEXcode IQ Toolbar shows orange, your Controller and Brain may be  unpaired at any time, or your Controller's firmware may be out of date.

Be sure both the Brain and Controller are powered on, and follow the steps to reconnect if needed.

Or, follow the steps in this article to update your Controller's firmware. 

Download your project


With the USB cable still connected to both the (2nd generation) Controller and your device, select 'Download' in the VEXcode IQ Toolbar to download your project. You will see a 'Downloading User Project' progress bar.

Run your project


You will see your project on the Brain screen, and you can run your project using the buttons on the Brain, or the 'Run' button in VEXcode IQ.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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