VEX PD+ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a district licensing option?
Yes. Volume licensing and district licensing options are available. Contact for more information.

Can I purchase multiple years at once?
Yes. You can purchase multiple years by purchasing multiple licenses. For each additional license added to your account, the expiration date extends for another year.

Are VEX STEM Labs and Intro Courses still available at no cost?
Yes. All VEX STEM Labs and related educator support materials are available at at no cost. All Intro Courses are available under the free tier of PD+ at

How does VEX PD+ differ from the RECF Mentor PD?
If schools have the time and budget to schedule face-to-face professional development with the RECF, then VEX PD+ can be a terrific supplement to that training. After the RECF face-to-face PD, those teachers can receive ongoing support and training with VEX PD+. We created VEX PD+ because we understand that schools can’t always support face to face professional development. Additionally, creating an individualized professional development session can be difficult. Finally, the rapidly changing face of technology and education requires the teacher's professional development to be on-going. For these reasons, we created VEX PD+.

Is VEX PD+ just a video library?
No. VEX PD+ is much more than videos. VEX PD+ is a community learning platform that enables you to learn from and interact with experts in classroom and competitive robotics. Members of VEX PD+ have a network of resources, including the VEX PD+ Professional Learning Community, 1-on-1 Sessions, IntroCourses, VEX Masterclasses, Live Sessions, and more, to ensure that STEM learning is engaging, relevant, and equitable for all students.

Is VEX PD+ individualized for the unique needs of my classroom or implementation?
Yes. VEX PD+ allows you to learn effective techniques so you can successfully implement STEM pedagogy. VEX PD+ also provides valuable information on engineering, coding, sensors, and more. The VEX PD+ Community then allows you to ask questions about how you can tailor this information to your specific needs. Our experts are here to help you.

Is VEX PD+ for competition mentors or classroom teachers?
Both! In VEX PD+, you’ll find information geared towards classroom use. However, many of these topics can be helpful for competition mentors to get started. However, in addition to those resources, the REC Foundation will also be creating videos specific for competition mentors and teams. Classroom teachers that may be interested in someday competing will also find these videos helpful. Finally, videos on topics like coding and engineering are great for both classroom teachers and competition mentors.

What is Insights?
These are articles written by the experts at VEX. Articles will cover topics like STEM Pedagogy, STEM Research, Updates on VEX products, and much more. Do you want to submit an article? Contact us at

Can I share my account with multiple users?
No. This would be in violation of the End User License Agreement agreed to at time of license activation.

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*Upon earning a certificate from an Intro Course, you're granted entry into the VEX Professional Learning Community (PLC) for that platform.

**Everyone is welcome to attend the VEX Educators Conference. The registration fee is included with a PD+ All Access Subscription.

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For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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