Pairing a Controller (2nd gen) to Brain (2nd gen)- IQ

Using VEX IQ (1st generation)? See this article.

Follow the steps below to pair your VEX IQ (2nd generation) Controller with your (2nd generation) Brain.

Note: once paired initially, the Brain and Controller will remain paired even after both have been turned off and back on again.

Preparation for Wirelessly Pairing


Gather the following items

  • Charged VEX IQ (2nd generation) Controller
    • See this article for more information on how to charge a (2nd gen) Controller.
  • VEX IQ (2nd generation)Brain
  • Charged VEX IQ (2nd generation) Battery 



Power on the Brain and Controller

Install the Battery and select the Check button to turn on the Brain.

Press the Power button to turn on the Controller.

The Brain’s LED and the Controller’s Power/Link LED should display green to show that they are powered on. 

Wirelessly Pair the Controller and Brain

View this animation, and follow the steps outlined below to wirelessly pair the Controller and Brain.

When wirelessly connected, the Brain’s LED and the Controller’s Power/Link LED should both blink green to show that they are connected.

Steps for Connecting


Step 1: Use the arrow buttons to scroll to Settings. 


Step 2: Press the Check button to select Settings.


Step 3: Then, scroll to Link and press the Check button to select.


Step 4: Once Link is selected, the pairing screen will open. The Brain’s LED will turn yellow while connecting.


Step 5: Press the Controller Power button 2 times while holding down the L-Up and L-Down buttons, as shown on the Brain screen. 

Note: Notice the timing in which the Power button blinks on the Brain screen. Try to press the Controller Power button with the same timing. This may take more than one try.


Step 6: When wirelessly connected, you will see the Controller icon on the Brain screen.  The Brain’s LED and the Controller’s Power/Link LED should both blink green to show that they are connected.

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