Using the VEX Classroom App with the 123 Robot

The VEX Classroom app is a useful tool that allows you to get started quickly. The app can be used to easily update 123 Robot Firmware, including updating multiple robots at one time. You can also use it to rename 123 Robots, monitor robot battery life, and more!

Navigate to your device’s app store and search for ‘VEX Classroom’ to download the app if you have not already done so.

Note: the VEX Classroom app is available on the following platforms:

Getting Started


When you open the VEX Classroom App,  you will see an image of Colonel Jo explaining the purposes of the app.

Select 'Scan for Robots/Coders' to begin.

Updating the 123 Robot Firmware


The firmware on one or multiple 123 Robots can be updated using the VEX Classroom app.

For more information on how to update one or multiple 123 Robots using the VEX Classroom app, view the Update the 123 Robot Using the VEX Classroom App article.

Renaming a 123 Robot


To rename a 123 Robot, select the 123 Robot you want to rename.


A list of options will appear. Select ‘Rename.’


A prompt will appear to enter the new name of the 123 Robot.


Enter the 123 Robot’s new name. Note that only letters, numbers, and spaces are accepted. Names are limited to 7 characters and any characters above 7 will be automatically removed. Once finished, select ‘OK.’


The new name will then display.

Locating a 123 Robot

A 123 Robot can be located using the app. The location feature identifies a specific 123 Robot by making the indicator light on the 123 Robot flash yellow, and playing a chirping sound.


To locate a 123 Robot, select the 123 Robot that is to be located.


A list of options will appear. Select ‘Locate.’

The 123 Robot icon and name in the app will flash yellow, and the indicator light on the 123 Robot will flash yellow. The 123 Robot will also make a ‘chirp’ noise. Once the location has ended, the 123 Robot’s name and icon will now show green in the app and the indicator light on the 123 Robot will pulse white. View the following animation to see the changing light colors, and listen to the ‘chirp’ sound of the 123 Robot.

Monitoring Battery Life


The state of each 123 Robot’s Battery is listed. This can be used to monitor the Battery life of one or more 123 Robot’s within range.

Adjusting the 123 Robot’s Volume


The 123 Robot can play various sounds. To adjust the volume of a 123 Robot, select the 123 Robot that is to be adjusted.


Select the volume drop-down.


Choose a new volume level from 1 (lowest setting) to 15 (highest setting) and select ‘Done’ when finished. The default volume setting is 15.


The new volume level will then be displayed.

Adjusting the 123 Robot’s Sleep Time


The 123 Robot will go to sleep (power itself off) after a set amount of time. To adjust the 123 Robot’s sleep time, select the 123 Robot that is to be adjusted.


Select the sleep time drop-down.


Choose a new sleep time of 2 minutes (lowest setting), 5 minutes (medium setting), or 15 minutes (highest setting) and select ‘Done’ when finished. The default sleep time setting is 5 minutes.


The sleep time will then be displayed.


To learn more about understanding the 'Device Info' for a connected 123 Robot, see this article.

Accessing Help in the VEX Classroom App


The Help feature in the Classroom App can be accessed from the Splash Screen as well as the Scanning Screen by selecting 'Help'.


The Help feature will link you to articles that provide additional information. Select the desired article.


The selected article from the VEX Library will be displayed.

To return to the VEX Classroom App, navigate to the home screen of your device, then back to the Classroom App.


To return to the Scanning Screen from the Help feature, select 'Back'.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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