Customizing Resources Using Google Drive for VEX GO

Editing or sharing VEX GO Activities, as well as other resources from the Teacher Portal using Google Drive, can be accomplished in a few easy steps by using ‘Make a copy.’

How to use ‘Make a copy’ for VEX GO Google Doc or Google Sheet


Ensure you are logged into your Google account and open the Google Doc or Google Sheet you would like to edit or share.

For this example, the Astronaut Vault VEX GO Activity will be used. To learn more about VEX GO Activities, view this article.

Open the activity and select ‘File.’


Select ‘Make a copy.’


Rename the document if you choose.


Select ‘My Drive’ as the folder location and then select ‘OK’ to save a copy of the activity to your Google Drive.


This new copy can use all of your Google Document features, such as editing and sharing.


Note: Some Classroom Management Systems like Google Classroom will automatically prompt you to make a copy.

Some example resources


You can use the procedures above to ‘Make a copy' of many different resources. Some examples include:


  • Letter Home: another great example of a resource is found in every VEX GO STEM Lab. This letter can save countless hours by having all the pertinent information already created for parents. By using ‘Make a copy,’ you can customize it for each class!


For more information about the Teacher resources provided to support VEX GO, view this article.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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