Using the Print Console in VEXcode GO

The Print Console allows the user to display messages, report sensor values, or present data from VEXcode GO projects. The Print Console also allows users to save print outputs as a text file.

The Print Console can also be used to display process information, providing visual cues that enable the user to see what is happening in a VEXcode GO project at a specific moment in time, thereby making a visual connection between the project and the actions of the VEX GO Robot.

How to Open the Print Console


The Print Console is located in the GO Monitor Display. To open the Print Console, select the Monitor Display icon next to Help.


The Monitor Display will open once selected. The Print Console is at the bottom.

How to Use the Print Console in a Project

Look Blocks that Trigger the Print Console


Specialized Look blocks are used within a VEXcode GO project in order to trigger the Print Console. These blocks print words, numbers, reported values from variables, a calculation of an operator, or values reported from a sensor or device.

The Help feature in VEXcode GO provides additional information on these and other programming blocks. See this article for information on how to access the Help feature.

Use Look Blocks with the Print Console in a Project

look blocks prints console

Use the Look blocks within a project to print a message, or display data in the Print Console. To use the Print blocks, select the desired Look block and add it to a project.


Run the project by selecting “Start” in the VEXcode GO toolbar.


Once “Start” is selected, the project will run and the “Print” text or programmed values will appear in the Print Console as dictated by the VEXcode GO project.

Clear Rows in the Print Console


There are two ways to clear all information from the Print Console. The first way to completely clear all text is to select the “Clear” button on the bottom right of the Print Console.

looks project example

Another way to clear the Print Console is to use the Clear all rows block. Add the [Clear all rows] block to a project in order to remove all of the lines in the Print Console. In this project, “Hello” will print on the Print Console. After 5 seconds, all rows will be cleared. Then, “Goodbye” will be printed on the Print Console.

Save from the Print Console


It is easy to save information from the Print Console onto your device. Select “Save” on the bottom right of the Print Console to save all text as a .txt file.

txt file

Once you select the “Save” button, the file will automatically save to the Downloads folder on your device as a .txt file.

Note: The file does not save the printed colors.

Example Projects Using the Print Console

Report Variable Values and Data in a Project

The Print Console can be used to report variable values at discrete moments within a project. Use the Print Console to print the value of 'myVariable,' or show how many times the project goes through a loop.

Report Sensing Values and Data in a Project


The data captured by the Print Console allows the user to see valuable information about project processes including GO Robot location and sensor information. When the [Print] block is triggered, it can be programmed to display information captured in the moment.

In the following project, the Print Console displays information reported by the GO Robot sensors as prescribed by the Look and Sensing blocks within the project. This information includes the changes of the drive heading as the GO Robot is turning right.

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