Downloading a VEXcode V5 Blocks Project on an iPad

Downloading and running a project with VEXcode V5 is as easy as four steps.

First save

First, save the project and then choose which of the V5 Brain’s slots to download to.

Nex connect

Next, connect the V5 Brain and check that its icon is green and other icons are white.

Then select

Then, select ‘DOWNLOAD’ to download the project to the V5 Brain’s selected slot.

Note: The Download and Run icons will turn briefly gray until the download is complete.

Watch the progress

Watch the progress bar to see when the project is done downloading.

Note: The progress bar will disappear when the project is done downloading.

Finally run

Finally, run the project on the V5 Brain.

You can also run

Select ‘RUN’ to run the project from the Toolbar.

Note: Running the project from the Toolbar will cause the project to be downloaded again before running.

Or disconnect

Or, disconnect the robot from the computer and run the project by selecting it on the V5 Brain.

Note the main

Note: The main menu screen only shows slots 1, 2, and 3. For projects that are downloaded to slots 4-8, first select the ‘Programs’ folder.

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