Configuring the V5 Brain for Coding over Bluetooth

When working with VEXcode V5 on a device (iPad / Android tablet / Amazon Fire tablet), it is important to understand how to connect your device to the VEX V5 Robot Brain in order to download and run projects.

How to Connect the V5 Robot Brain to a Device


Ensure the V5 Robot Brain is connected to a V5 Battery and V5 Radio.


Turn on the V5 Robot Brain by pressing the power button.


Select ‘Settings’ on the V5 Robot Brain’s screen to check the Radio Type. The Radio Type must be set to Bluetooth for the connection to be successful.


The Settings dialog window will open. Look for the Radio Type in the bottom left corner. If the Radio Type is set to VEXnet, switch it to Bluetooth by pressing the Radio Type area.


A prompt will appear to confirm changing the Radio Type. Select ‘Ok’ to confirm the change.


Ensure the Radio Type displays that it is now connected via Bluetooth.


Ensure the Radio Data is set to ‘On.’


Check the connection icon. Once the Radio Type is set to Bluetooth and the Radio Data is On, the connection icon will display ‘BD.’


Note: If the Radio Type is set to VEXnet, the connection icon will display ‘V.’


Launch VEXcode V5 on your device.


When launching VEXcode V5, you may receive a prompt asking to verify Bluetooth usage. Select ‘OK.’

Note: if you are not receiving a prompt to allow Bluetooth, please check the Bluetooth settings on your device to ensure it is on.


Select the ‘Brain’ icon in the Toolbar.


A list of available V5 Robot Brains will appear. Select the name of the Brain you want to connect to.


Once a Brain is chosen, select ‘Connect.’


View the Radio Connection Code that will display on the Brain’s screen.


Enter the Radio Connection Code from the V5 Brain’s Screen, then select ‘Submit.’


The Brain icon will turn orange and a ‘Connecting to:’ message will appear while the Brain is connecting.


Once the Brain is connected, the icon will turn green.


The message in the window will say ‘Connected to:’ and list the name of the V5 Brain that is connected to the device.


Note: the connection icon will display ‘D’ in the top right corner of the Brain’s screen when the V5 Robot Brain is connected to the device.


To disconnect from a Brain, select ‘Disconnect.’

Note: if you have followed all of the steps and the connection is still not working, please check the Bluetooth settings on your device to ensure it is on.

Note to competition teams:  The Field Control system only works with the VEXnet radio. If the radio has been changed to Bluetooth for programming purposes it will need to be changed back prior to competing on the field.

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