Pre-Downloading a Project Checklist for VEXcode V5

Here is a list of tasks you should perform prior to downloading a VEXcode project to ensure that you have everything is ready before using your VEX V5 Brain.

Before you begin the activity, do you have each of these items ready? Check each of the following:
  • Are the motors plugged into the correct ports?
  • Are the smart cables fully inserted into all of the motors?
  • Is the Brain turned on?
  • Is the battery charged?

VEXcode V5 has example projects and templates that you can use. In the tutorial video see how you can use example projects and templates in VEXcode V5.


If you have a VEX V5 Clawbot built, open the "Smart Motor Movements" example project and download the project to the VEX IQ Brain.


If you do not have a robot built open the Printing Values example project and download the project to the VEX V5 Brain.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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