COVID Connection: As the COVID situation evolves, many schools have been, or will be, forced to transition to distance or hybrid learning. The VEXcode VR platform was developed specifically to address the need for continued STEM learning in any location.

VEX Solution: The VEXcode VR platform offers a free web-based coding experience for students with a virtual robot. This allows students to learn CS and Robotics whether they are in school, or at home. The VR Robot performs across a series of unique playgrounds, giving students the ability to code and problem solve with a more immediate feedback loop for project iteration and design. The VEXcode VR Activities offer teachers opportunities for engaging lessons and projects with the VR platform. There are also options for implementing VEXcode VR Competitions in the classroom. The Get Started section of the VEX Library is filled with informational articles about planning, teaching, and building curriculum using VEXcode VR and VR Activities. Read more to learn about teaching with VEXcode VR in your classroom.

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