Understanding the Coordinate System in VEXcode VR

In VEXcode VR, the VR Robot moves around different Playgrounds that are based on a coordinate system.

The article will cover the following:

  • Coordinate systems (X, Y)
  • Blocks using position
  • Directions

Coordinate Systems (X, Y)

A coordinate system is a mathematical grid of values. There are different types of coordinate systems, but the Cartesian Coordinate System, or the (x,y) plane, is used in VEXcode VR. This is also known as a 2D (Dimensional) system, since its two dimensions are the X and Y axis.


The X and Y axis can be used to locate a specific point, or coordinate, of the VR Robot on the Playground. The X-coordinate determines the horizontal (left to right) position of the specific point. The Y-coordinate determines the vertical (up and down) position of the point. The VEXcode VR Playgrounds range from -1000mm to 1000mm for both the X and Y axis.

The center of the Playground lies on the coordinate (0, 0) or also known as the origin.

Grip Map with Axis origin

The specific X and Y location of the VR Robot can be found in the Dashboard of the Playground.

Dashboard location xy

Playground Size

The Playgrounds range from -1000mm to 1000mm on both the X and Y axes. This makes the dimensions of the VEXcode VR Playground 2000mm x 2000mm.

grid with robot

The measurement of each of the individual squares used to make up the grids on many of the VEXcode VR Playgrounds, such as the Grid World, are 200mm by 200mm.



VEXcode VR features a Location sensor that reads (X,Y) coordinates from the front-center of the VR Robot. That sensor can be used with the position for block for both the X and Y values. 

position for block dropdown

The Location sensor also will report on the position angle of the VR Robot by using the position angle block. 

Position angle block

For more information about blocks, view the Help information.


The VR Robot follows a rotational number system from 0 to 359.99 in a clockwise rotation. 

VR Robot Top Down View

The Location Angle of the VR Robot can be found in the Dashboard of the Playground

Dashboard Location Angle