Configuring Your Robot in VEXcode Pro V5

What does Configuration Mean?

Before starting a VEXcode Pro V5 program, the user must first configure the program to match the V5 Robot's physical structure. The user needs to state how the motors are attached to the build (which ports the motors are plugged into on the V5 Brain.) This allows the program to direct those motors properly to complete the desired actions. 

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VEXcode Pro V5 Syntax and Robot Configuration

To help understand VEXcode Pro V5 syntax in regards to Robot Configuration, let’s look at a simple project that drives the robot forward.


Configured Devices- The list of devices is written as a comment above the code. A comment is an annotation that can be added to the code by the user to document information that the user will want to reference later. Comments begin with // so that the V5 Robot will recognize and ignore them when it is running a program. Whenever a device is added in the Robot Configuration, it will appear in this list. The list names the device, what type of device it is, and which ports the device is connected to on the Brain. 

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