Charging the VEX IQ Brain Battery

Step 1: Gather what you will need.

  • Have the following ready to charge the Robot Battery:
    • VEX IQ Robot Battery
    • VEX IQ Robot Battery Charger 
    • VEX IQ Battery Charger Power Cord

Step 2: Connect the Robot Battery Charger.

  • Connect the Battery Charger Power Cord to the Robot Battery Charger. 
  • Plug the Battery Charger Power Cord into a power source.

NOTE: The Robot Battery Charger’s indicator light will be green when properly plugged in and awaiting a Robot Battery. 

Step 3: Slide the Robot Battery into the Charger.

  • Carefully slide the Robot Battery into the Robot Battery Charger’s cradle so that the metal connectors in the cradle line up with the metal connectors on the Robot Battery’s one side. 

NOTE: More information is available in the chart below about the Robot Battery Charger’s indicator lights:

LED Color   Status

Solid Green Robot Battery is Charged or not inserted.

Solid Red Charging.

Blinking Green Over Temperature Fault.

Blinking Red Robot Battery Fault.