Installing VEXcode V5 on Windows

First, download VEXcode V5 if you have not done so already.

VEXcode V5 Install

Select the VEXcode V5 Installer icon to launch the InstallShield Wizard.

Note: You might have to grant permission for the app to make changes to your computer.


In the first InstallShield Wizard prompt, select the "Next >" button.

Note: You may be prompted to download additional redistributables for VEXcode V5. If you receive this prompt, click "Install" to continue with the installation process.


Read through the End User License Agreement and select the bubble next to "I accept the terms in the license agreement." Then select the “Next >” button.


Select the "Install" button.


Select the "Finish" button to finish installing VEXcode V5 to close the InstallShield Wizard.

Launch VEXcode V5

Launch VEXcode V5 using the desktop shortcut.

Begin working in VEXcode V5

Begin working in VEXcode V5.

Create a new project to get started with coding in VEXcode V5!

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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