Understanding Indicator Lights on the VEX IQ (1st gen) Battery

The color of the LED indicates the status of the Battery Charger:

NOTE: The LED is near the front of the Battery Charger and is solid green when plugged into a power source with no Robot Battery connected. 

The chart below shows the status of the LED color when a Robot Battery is inserted into the Battery Charger.

LED Color   Status

Solid Green Robot Battery is Charged or not inserted.

Remove fully charged Robot Battery or Insert the Robot Battery properly into Battery Charger.

For instructions on How to Charge the VEX IQ Robot Battery click the link.

Solid Red Charging.

Take no action. Let the Robot Battery finish charging. 

You will know when the solid green light is displayed.

Blinking Green Over Temperature Fault.
This means the Robot Battery is overheated. 

Remove the Robot Battery and let it cool down before inserting it back into the Battery Charger.

Blinking Red Robot Battery Fault.
This means the Robot Battery is completely drained. 

One solution is to manually charge the Robot Battery to the point where it has enough power to charge on the Battery Charger.
Click here for instructions on how to manually charge the Robot Battery.

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