Understanding Error Messages - IQ Brain (1st gen)

If an error messages appear on the Brain, the following list provides definitions for the error messages as well as potential solutions:

  • “Unknown ID”
    • “Update Required” or “Update Needed”

    • The firmware on the Brain and/or Sensors needs to be updated. 
    • Potential solution: update the firmware.
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Update the VEX IQ Firmware”.
  • “Controller Link Lost”
    • The VEX IQ Controller and Brain are out of range. 
    • Potential solution: bring them closer together.
    • For more information on linking the controller, click here to view the article, “How to Read Indicator Lights when Wirelessly Connecting”.
    • “Stopped”

    • The Driver Control Program is or was running and stopped. 
    • Potential solution: click the check mark to run the program. 
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Run User Programs that are on the VEX IQ Robot Brain”.
    • “I2C error detected”

    • A Smart Motor or Sensor became disconnected from the Brain while a program was running. A Smart Cable may have have been under too much tension or was not been inserted fully. 
    • Potential solution: Check to make sure the Smart Cable(s) are inserted fully and then turn the Brain off and then back on.
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Connect VEX IQ Devices to Smart Ports”.
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Turn On/Off a VEX IQ Robot Brain”.

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