Understanding Brain Error Messages with VEX IQ (1st gen)

If an error messages appear on the Brain, the following list provides definitions for the error messages as well as potential solutions:

  • “Unknown ID”
    • “Update Required” or “Update Needed”

    • The firmware on the Brain and/or Sensors needs to be updated. 
    • Potential solution: update the firmware.
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Update the VEX IQ Firmware”.
  • “Controller Link Lost”
    • The VEX IQ Controller and Brain are out of range. 
    • Potential solution: bring them closer together.
    • For more information on linking the controller, click here to view the article, “How to Read Indicator Lights when Wirelessly Connecting”.
    • “Stopped”

    • The Driver Control Program is or was running and stopped. 
    • Potential solution: click the check mark to run the program. 
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Run User Programs that are on the VEX IQ Robot Brain”.
    • “I2C error detected”

    • A Smart Motor or Sensor became disconnected from the Brain while a program was running. A Smart Cable may have have been under too much tension or was not been inserted fully. 
    • Potential solution: Check to make sure the Smart Cable(s) are inserted fully and then turn the Brain off and then back on.
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Connect VEX IQ Devices to Smart Ports”.
    • Click here to view the article, “How to Turn On/Off a VEX IQ Robot Brain”.

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