Registration for 2024 VEX Educators Conference: PD+ All-Access


Registration for the 2024 VEX Robotics Educators Conference is officially open. Join us for this exclusive opportunity to build lasting connections with educators around the world during an exciting time of professional growth and development. You will learn about the latest developments in STEM education, gain innovative methods to incorporate robotics into your curriculum, and experience thought-provoking sessions led by impactful educators that have achieved classroom success. Conference registration is simple—This article will outline the steps to complete the PD+ All-Access registration.

Note: To register for the conference, you will first need to log into your PD+ account. Review the following article for information on how to create your account. If you need assistance logging in, view this article for the steps to access your PD+ account: PD+ Login.


Complete the following steps to use your PD+ All-Access membership to register:


1. Begin by logging into your PD+ Account. Then, select your PD+ Dashboard.


2. Click on the Banner within your PD+ Dashboard, which will take you directly to the Conference Registration page.


3. Read through the welcome message on the webpage and complete the following steps:

 a. Make sure the information in the User Details section below, including your name, school, and email address is correct.


 b. Next, choose specific workshops and events to attend. Click the Select button to secure a spot at each event. The button will turn green once an event is selected.


 c. Don’t miss out on extra opportunities for growth, exploration, and fun! Select from Additional Events for a complete Conference experience.


Note: Pay attention to the times so that you do not sign up for two events at the same time.


If you sign up for events during conflicting time slots, you will be unable to submit your registration. The webpage will give you a warning error if this happens.


Keep in mind that you can only sign up for three workshops at a time. Once you have selected three, you will be unable to select any more unless you deselect one.

You can deselect an event by clicking on the Selected button.


4. Review the Order Summary below to ensure that all information is correct.


5. Lastly, click Submit Your Conference Registration. 


Congratulations! Registration is complete for the 2024 VEX Robotics Educators Conference. A green confirmation banner will appear.


Your registration status and conference information will be presented at the bottom of the webpage within the Key Conference Information section. Revisit this webpage any time to review conference details, including conference agenda, transportation, parking, and hotels.


You will also receive a confirmation email with conference details.

If you ever need to review your registration confirmation, you can access it by returning to the Conference Registration page.

Important: If you need to modify or cancel your registration, send an email with your information to

We look forward to sharing this inspiring experience with you!

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