Using VEX V5 Activities in the Classroom

Anatomy of an V5 Activity


Your VEX V5 classroom is a multifaceted learning environment, enabling students and teachers to have learning experiences through multiple avenues. VEX V5 STEM Labs are designed for whole-class instruction, while VEX V5 Activities extend that learning by giving students the opportunity to make their V5 builds, code and kits their own. V5 Activities are designed to be used both in conjunction with STEM Labs to extend lessons, and as stand-alone activities themselves.

Explore the VEX V5 Kit


VEX V5 Activities allow for students to explore VEX V5 Kits and materials as individuals or in small groups. Some Activities encourage students to learn the names of pieces and where they are in the Kit. Other Activities allow students to explore how V5 pieces can be assembled into various shapes or to solve challenges.

Example Activities

Explore More Engineering Concepts


Engineering concepts are also covered in VEX V5 Activities. These Activities allow students to further explore building by investigating drivetrains, gear trains, manipulators, and more.

Example Activities

Explore More Coding Concepts


There are VEX V5 Activities that allow students to further explore coding concepts with both Blocks, Python, and C++. Exploring the coding Activities allows for students to practice coding from STEM Labs or understand new coding concepts.

Example Activities

Conveniently located Above STEM Labs


All of the VEX V5 Activities can be found at the top of the VEX V5 STEM Labs page. Each activity is a one page Google Doc, that can be downloaded and printed, or accessed on any classroom device. Activities are continually updated and added to, so check back for new V5 Activities throughout the school year.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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