Troubleshooting VEXcode V5 Opening Slowly on Windows Computers

This article will help explain and troubleshoot issues with VEXcode taking a significant amount of time (greater than 30 seconds) to open on some Microsoft Windows computers.

When launching VEXcode, Microsoft Windows computers need to extract and decompress files in order to run VEXcode. For some users, an installed antivirus program may scan these files as they are being written, which will cause VEXcode to take significantly more time to open.

If you are experiencing that the VEXcode application is launching slowly, it is recommended that you keep the antivirus software from scanning files as they are being read/written. This article will walk you through how to exclude VEXcode from the scans.

How to exclude VEXcode folders in Windows Defender


Open computer settings and select ‘Update & Security.’


Select ‘Windows Security’ from the left panel.


Select ‘Open Windows Security.’


Select ‘Virus & threat protection.’


Under ‘Virus & threat protection settings,’ select ‘Manage settings.’


Under ‘Exclusions,’ select ‘Add or remove exclusions.’


The following permission prompt will appear. Select ‘Yes.’


Once permission has been granted, select ‘Add an exclusion.’


Select ‘Process.’


Type in the path for the version of VEXcode that you are using, then select ‘Add.’

VEXcode V5

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX Robotics\VEXcode V5\VEXcode V5.exe

Note: Paths are based on installation location and may be different if a non-default location was used during installation.


If you are still experiencing issues with VEXcode, please use the ‘Feedback’ button. For more information, view the following articles:
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Folder Paths to Exclude for VEXcode (for other Antivirus programs)

To resolve VEXcode opening slowly, prevent the Microsoft Windows computer’s antivirus software from scanning the following folder paths:

VEXcode V5

  • %LocalAppData%\VEXcode V5
  • %ProgramFiles(X86)%\VEX Robotics\VEXcode V5
  • Any folders starting with “nw” in %LocalAppData%\Temp

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