Teacher Support Materials in VEX EXP STEM Labs

At VEX Robotics, we strive to provide you with all structure and support that you need to plan and implement VEX EXP STEM Labs with your students. STEM Labs are supplemental educational resources that enable you to facilitate engaging, hands-on STEM activities with your students. VEX EXP STEM Labs are centered around games, to harness the motivation, creativity, and collaboration of competition robotics in your setting. All VEX EXP STEM Labs are student-facing, so that students can directly interact with the content.

View the following video for an overview of the structure of the STEM Labs and the resources that support you to teach with confidence.

The Teacher's Portal of each STEM Lab contains resources to support your teaching, including the following features:

  • Sample Learning Targets - To help you get started co-creating learning targets with your students, each Unit includes examples that you can use as a jumping off point with your class.
    • Watch the "Getting Started with your EXP STEM Lab Unit" video in the Teacher's Portal to learn more about student-centered instruction in STEM Labs.
  • Facilitation Guide for the Unit – The Facilitation Guide gives you guidance and supports for each Lesson in the Unit, including set up checklists, helpful articles, Reminders and Teacher Tips, Be Mindful of Mindset notes, and more.
  • Standards Alignment– VEX EXP STEM Lab Units align with Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and Common Core Math standards. You can view a listing of the content standards, as well as Where and How the Standards are Met within the Unit's activities.
  • Debrief Conversation Rubric– To support facilitation of the Debrief Conversation at the end of each Unit, there is a Rubric provided that you can use to ensure that you and your students are set up for success with this student-centered assessment.
  • Letter Home – An editable Letter Home is included for each Unit to communicate with your classroom community about what students are doing and learning with VEX EXP, so that they can continue the conversation at home.


The Teacher's Portal in a VEX EXP STEM Lab Unit can be accessed by selecting 'Teacher's Portal' at the top of the Lesson Overview, as shown in this example image of the Up and Over STEM Lab Unit.

For more information, help, and tips, check out the many resources at VEX Professional Development Plus

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