Understanding the Wall Maze+ Playground

The Wall Maze+ Playground in VEXcode VR has features available to help you code your robot to solve the various mazes using sensor feedback. 


Colliding with a Wall


When testing projects in Wall Maze+, your robot may collide with one of the walls. The collision will be detected by your robot and the project will stop running. The message shown here will appear on your Playground Window.


Also note that you can fall off of the Playground! If you are using a maze with the outer wall removed, it is possible that your robot could fall into the lava below.

Location Details on the Wall Maze+ Playground


The Wall Maze+ Playground is larger than many other VEXcode VR Playgrounds. It measures 5000mm by 5000mm. The Location Sensor on the VR MazeBot can be used to report the X and Y position of the robot from -2500mm to 2500mm as shown here.


Each square in the Wall Maze+ Playground measures approximately 300mm by 300mm. These values are helpful when planning projects.

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